Sea, digital video, 1 min., 3 sec., 2020


Sea, digital video, 1 min., 17 sec., 2020



Sea (2020)


Sea drags me out, no not sea, you.

Voluble force back and forth

You don’t even know

You’re doing it.


Each time, arms stretched,

legs coathangered, I stick man

to the shore,

land gasping, lungs to fill

I stand still looking back,

so inland, more inland this time.

You cannot get me now.


Drying, that takes weeks.

Wind ribbons to my face

and lifts my greening hair; on safe skin a dress

that buffers, tip-taps my tapered frame. I Flag.


It’s warm though and the breeze

is fine by me, this sexless wind that

doesn’t want me, just strides out my seaborne stare

and carols round like flossing saline

Till you come in once more.