We’re a Small Press based in Leeds, UK

We publish BOOKS, audio & exhibition work about our people, our city, our world. 23PRESS has grown from the community of Headingley & Hyde Park, LS6 – developing into a publishing platform that illuminates multiple voices in the city. 


Launch of new interactive text work ‘LANGUAGE‘ 

We’ve been collaborating with students and staff from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds to create and publish our first interactive text work on Twine called ‘LANGUAGE‘. Visit our Languages page or click on the ‘map’ image below to find out more about the project and explore this exciting new collaborative written work focusing on personal experiences of isolation, inclusion and exclusion associated with language. 

Image shows the 'map' of the writing programmed into Twine.

Image shows the ‘map’ of the writing programmed into Twine.



We’ve been working with the Cardigan Community Centre to publish our first book ‘SEVEN SHORT CIRCULAR WALKS from the Cardigan Community Centre’ which launched 17 May 2022. Copies are available to purchase from Reception at the Cardigan Community Centre, Cardigan Road, LS6 1LJ.


This is a Printing Office, 

Cross-roads of Civilisation, 

Refuge of all the Arts against the Ravages of Time. 

From this place Words may fly abroad, 

Not to perish as Waves of Sound but fix’d in Time, 

Not corrupted by the hurrying Hand but verified in Proof. 

Friend, you are on Safe Ground: 

This is a Printing Office.– Beatrice Warde, Typographer

23PRESS is part of My World My City My Neighbourhood