Helen from Reprographics

Many Helens.
But only one in Reprographics.
One so able, so prompt.
So prudent and useful
within Reprographics. Excellent at
Facsimile, Xerox and Hole Punch.
Our thanks to Helen in Reprographics.

But Can You Believe Her?
Can You Forgive Her?
Helen from Reprographics.
Helen who hides in Reprographics.
Liar Helen.
Helen the Liar.
The Reprographic Liar called Helen.

Envious of Helen from Reprographics
who can just reproduce graphics
from behind a door with Reprographics written on it
when we are so concerned.
Helen, who won’t let us help her.
Helen, who won’t tell us where she’s going this summer
or who she loves.