Bookshelf tour #1 [21st Dec 2020]

A tour of my bookshelf and the books I love, a couple of readings and an apology to Sylvia.

I say mmm too much and I read an unfinished work and I say everything is the funniest book.

Jane Lazarre
Sylvia Plath
Griselda Pollock
Margaret Atwood
Nora Ephron
Lucy Lippard
John Ashbery
Frank O’Hara
Jane Austen
Fleur Adcock



Bookshelf tour #2 [2nd Jan 2021]

Episode #2 of Crowe’s Bookshelf tours in which I say mmm slightly less, forget to apologise to Virginia and describe John Donne as saucy.

Virginia Woolf
E.M. Forster
Dorothy Carrington
Eight Metaphysical Poets
Helen Fielding
J.L. Carr