Reviews and Press for THE BELL TOWER


Anger blazes a path: it strips away pretence and clears a space from which to speak… Crowe holds two fingers up to the conventional poetic, and convention in general.

Georgia Gildea reviews ‘The Bell Tower’ for Sphinxreview


‘What is it?’ by Pamela Crowe begins with a question in the title and, in the first part, as dialogue with yet more questions. The dificult, uneasy situation is handled with great sensitivity and honesty. The poem is a true balancing act and I admire the poet’s skill.

Sujata Bhatt on ‘What is it?’, winner of The Poetry Society members’ competition, Winter 2021. ‘What is it?’ was published in Poetry News.


“Crowe’s poetry is fierce and damning, witty and melodic – an ode to being a woman.”


This collection reverberates with the angry things we tend to leave unsaid. Its scathing observations, messy domestic realism and tenderness catalogue a range of desires: love, physical and emotional intimacies, the need for boundaries, privacy and, above all, respect. With this collection, Pamela Crowe puts a spotlight on contemporary womanhood, dissecting the social scripts we are taught to follow with biting humour reminiscent of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s  Fleabag. Perfect for: Wendy Cope stans.

Imogen Davies in ‘5 Poetry Collections You’ll Want To Devour After Watching ‘Normal People