About 23PRESS


What is it?

a Small Press, a community publishing platform based in Headingley & Hyde Park, Leeds. 

23PRESS is facilitated by Pamela Crowe

Our vision 

The Press has grown from LS6, exploring how we produce print, image, text-based and audio work that reflects and celebrates multiple voices in our city. 

23PRESS champions inclusive practice to expand who accesses publishing opportunities.


To explore how we use words and our voices to define and occupy a personal and shared space in the world. To challenge perceptions of culture and who defines it.


We produced a series of call outs inviting community members and collaborating organisations to participate. We’ve been working together to co-create a vision for the 23PRESS and explore how to produce and publish new work. We continue to explore new projects and new collaborations all the time. Get in touch with us via our contact page if you’d like to talk about an idea.  w


23PRESS is a collaborative community project, rising and taking shape from the people who participate. In 2021 and 2022, 23PRESS has been working with three partners, the Cardigan Community Centre, the School of Languages, Cultures & Societies at the University of Leeds and All Hallows’ Church / Rainbow Junktion PAYF Cafe in LS6. The project is facilitated by artist Pamela Crowe. 

23PRESS is a peripatetic project. This means it’s constantly on the move so we can work with as many different people as possible. That’s why we call it a community publishing platform. Each collaboration produces a new piece of work. Each piece of work joins the others on our small press bookshelf. Each Each 

Our Projects

Discover our three core projects below.


A collaborative text and audio work with the School of Languages, Cultures & Societies at the University of Leeds. Click on the image to navigate to the work and find out more.


A collaborative artist book created with a group who met at All Hallows’ Church / Rainbow Junktion in LS6, LEEDS. Click on the image to navigate to the work and find out more.

SEVEN SHORT CIRCULAR WALKS from the Cardigan Community Centre

A collaborative book of walks that all start and end at the Cardigan Community Centre and thread through LS6, LS5 & LS4 created with the Elders Project at the Cardigan Community Centre in Leeds. Click on the image to navigate to the work and find out more.