23PRESS LANGUAGES Project with the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds 

As part of our project to build a Small Press publishing BOOKS, AUDIO and EXHIBITION work about our people, our city, our world – staff and students from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societiesat the University of Leeds met online to explore themes of inclusion, exclusion and isolation associated with language. 

Image shows the ‘map’ of the creative writing work programmed into Twine.

About: During a series of online creative writing workshops we produced new writing and text-based artwork. We worked individually and collaboratively on Google Docs and took inspiration from our own experiences in addition to exploring poetry texts by authors Sujata Bhatt, Hannah Hodgson, Zaffar Kunial, Hannah Lowe, Eghishé Charents and Khaled Mattawa who all use poetry to explore themes of language, home, identity and loss.

You can view our new interactive text work LANGUAGES in the window below. 

How to view the work: The written work we have created is programmed into Twine, an interactive story-telling programme. Wait for the text to load as you visit each new page. On each page you will be given options to move forward or backwards. We have sought to retain the layout and informality of the work, reflecting the process of creating it collaboratively on a shared Google Doc. You can use the Translate function in the pink box at the top left hand corner of the screen to change the language if you wish. Enjoy spending time with the words as the new writing takes you on a journey through language and personal experience. It may inspire you to create your own work in response. You can share this with us by emailing 23press.org@gmail.com. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the work.[embed_twine story=”Language-2-2″]

The powerpoint slides from the creative writing Workshops One and Two are available to reference and download here:

Workshop One

Workshop Two

You can contact us with feedback or questions about the project at 23press.org@gmail.com