The written work I produce is a text that forms a central framework. or script to subsequent iterations in live, video and audio formats. These are all sculptural. The text is the first materialisation. All attempt Voice. I define Voice as any manifestation of a personal statement, feeling or presence. This iteration could be unspoken, unwritten, articulated through any means. Crucially, I define Voice as something expressed and transmitted; it almost always has some urgency and necessity. A value. In my own practice, Voice also means the act of speaking. 

When I repeat my written work out loud, whether live or recorded, I’m attempting to not perform the work. I’m attempting to locate the original inner voice with which I first heard or saw the words scroll in my head. Subsequent photographic, audio or video works are also attempts to depict these images or streams of consciousness. In this sense, I create a volume or series of work, I, II, III etc. – 

Some of my written works are a stream of consciousness, these pieces require few edits or revisits. They may be more successful. By stream of consciousness I suppose I mean spontaneous – but also my consciousness is, by habit, very author-ly. 

Much of my written work sits within poetry and I’m happy to be included and asked to participate as a writer in this field. Sometimes I feel like I ‘visit’ poetry and I’m grateful to those who welcome me. I think I’m still working out what people mean by poetry. I’m curious about abandoning, expanding or changing the term poetry. I may meet resistance to this.

As an artist speaking the words that I write, I’m interested in anchoring my authentic voice to the text, I want to avoid a performative voice – this is a work in progress. I’m interested in how I fail at this. 

When I write, when I speak, when I’m with you – it should be me you experience. As close to. I accept that Stanislavski may be in there somehow. 

To find her, you look for reference.