For examples of movement in other written works:

Sea’, ‘Cat stretch’ ‘Helen from Reprographics’ ‘Ways in Which I am Darcy

What is it?’

Boy cut


Paralysis Roleplay (previous title Rectal Prolapse)


Pamela Crowe (b. 1974) is an artist and writer working across performance, text, movement, image and voice. Her work has been published by The Poetry Society, The Poetry Archive, Winchester Poetry Festival, Soanyway Magazine, Corridor8 and Spelt Magazine, exhibited and performed at Leeds Art Gallery, Hyde Park Art Club, Norman Rea Gallery University of York, Leeds City Museum, Winchester Poetry Festival, Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Summer Group Show, commissioned by Leeds 2023, Axisweb, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, The Newbridge Project and 1623 Theatre Company, highly commended in the Winchester Poetry Prize, shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize and longlisted in the National Poetry Competition. She is a winner of Poetry Archive Now 2022 and a member of the British Art Network. Her poetry book THE BELL TOWER is published with The Emma Press.

Pamela’s work explores voice and what it means to act, where acting is both a theatrical gesture and a point of action. Script, authorship, movement and stage feature. She makes work about the writing process, drawing on stage theory and the writings of Barthes, Foucault and Stanislavski to expand the boundaries of what an author and a dramatic text can be – and where, and how the text can be staged and performed. She uses movement, text, photography, video, sculpture, sound and performance to explore power dynamics, both in the artworks and in how she navigates the themes of femininity, physical strength, intimacy, movement, sexuality and gender within them. She is interested in active text where writing leads to speech, dialogue, movement and action and something is changed because of it.