Tomb, digital video, 2 min., 18 sec., 2020

Tomb (2019)


What shall we throw in with you next week Tutankhamen?
Now is all the things we’ll give you that you would have pushed away.
A cat, yes. Well wrapped.
One of your coats so you are.
Tyre pressure gauge and ten clocks.
At least!
Too many umbrellas.
Injured birds for you to nurse - and a camera,
a fuck-off bag of cameras and lots of fil-um.
New skin, a stronger heart, milk.
A different dad or a dead dad sooner;
lost to you at birth so you can’t live through that.
Your mum and you in a cinema, endless her.
Some toast, and honey at night to clear your throat.
(Ready for shouting).
Coasters. A notepad and the whole of WHSmiths.
There we go, that will do.
Oh. and me. So we get another go.